domenica 30 agosto 2015


A few months ago I received a nice gift by W7, the well-known makeup  British BRAND that gave us some of the most significant DUPES in the world.The package also included two lipstick Full Colour line, in two colors that I immediately loved; "Tides" and "Sandpiper" respectively a Candy pink with cold undertone and a  Hot cherry red,  shades i prefer in this summer. The Full Colour lipstick line comes in Six Beautiful Floral  Shades, and despite the packaging and the product name may be misleading, ️you dont find ultra-Coverage And matte finish , but very bright and vibrant STICKSwith   glossy result, slightly Sheer and soft sliding. Of course are always lipsticks, so if you belong to the category OF LIP Gloss  or transparent product Fans  won't be disappointed: There is very full color and IT lasts  about 4 hours, but if you use a good LONG Lasting pencil or a good PRIMER is longer than 6 hours, maintaining a good degree of brightness and Hydratation.The price is about 6.70 € (£ 4.95) for 3 g, with a 18 months PAO. Find them here